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A Good Day to Die Hard

Die Hard

Genre: Action/Crime

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yuliya Snigir

John McClane (Willis) wants to find his long-lost son, Jack (Courtney). John McClane decides to travel to Russia to locate Jack. Jack McClane is an under-cover CIA agent who is between a mission. Jack McClane needs to ensure the safety of Yuri Komarov (Koch) and obtain ‘a file’ from him. John McClane finds Jack and insists on having a family discussion whilst the Russians are chasing Jack down. John McClane can survive a truck accident which rolls over almost 6 times over some 7 cars. John McClane can drive an SUV over a bridge and over cars that are stuck in traffic. John McClane’s 2-tonne SUV can push a 10-tonne heavily-armoured truck off the road. John McClane can survive ANOTHER car accident where the car rolls and crashes multiple times. John McClane does all this so that he can have a family discussion with his son whilst he is on a top secret mission. This movie has now stopped making any sense. John McClane can dodge bullets. John McClane can run through a building whilst a helicopter is tearing the building apart and not get hit. John McClane can jump off a building without a single injury. John McClane can drive for almost 1,000 kms from Moscow to Chernobyly in only 2 hours. John McClane can walk inside the radioactive Chernobyl facility without wearing protective gear. John McClane is on a helicopter that is violently spinning out of control and gets thrown out of it, only to fly for almost 30 feet before smashing into glass and crashing inside a building. John McClane lives. Yuri’s daughter is stupid enough to fly a helicopter inside a burning building, just so that she could kill John and Jack and actually thought that she would survive. John McClane can jump off that very same building, crash through burning wood, shatter glass and come out alive. Jack McClane can do all of the above too and maybe more. John McClane is a super-awesome, invincible hero. The movie title and poster text make no sense at all. This movie is so stupid. There will be another Die Hard.

Thumbs up: Ask John McClane to investigate and find out
Thumbs down: Read the above review
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