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Check out the brand new sexy ‘Spring Breakers’ trailer

Spring BreakersEven before Spring Breakers finished filming last summer, the film was on the top of many must-see lists.

That’s what happens when the Internet gets flooded with dozens of photos of a cornrowed  rapping while bikini-clad ingenues , , and Ashley Benson ride around on scooters.

Now we finally get to see what all the fuss is about with the first trailer for Harmony Korine’s tale of bored teenagers doing bad things for a good time.

Perhaps not surprisingly but definitely intriguingly, it’s a lot of Franco being weird and creepy, a lot of near-naked girls with automatic weapons, and a lot of people whispering “spring break” over and over while Skrillex plays in the background. Franco, who plays a drug dealer named Alien ready to take the girls on a crime spree, seems right at home in probably his weirdest role yet. If you’re suffering from Franco fatigue, controversial writer/director Harmony Korine’s (Gummo, Kids) handling of the former Disney products is equally curious.

At the very least, the lack of clothing seems to be Spring Breakers‘ gift that’ll keep on giving. Aside from Franco’s grill, production didn’t spend much on the costume department — the girls even go to court in their neon bikinis.

Check out the sexy new trailer below:

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