Exclusive: Hollywood Treatment hit the set of Christina Ricci’s new film ‘Around the Block’

By Hollywood Treatment on June 28, 2012

Christina Ricci on set of her new film "Around the Block" | Hollywood Treatment

Hollywood Treatment hit the Sydney set of the new ‘s new film Around the Block. The film follows the story of a teacher (played by Ricci) who works to influence the life of a troubled Aboriginal teenager who took part in a revenge killing.

The film also stars Underbelly star Damian Walshe-Howling, Jack Thompson and former MTV presenter .

Lucky us, ABC invited Hollywood Treatment to the Chippendale set where we were able to meet Christina Ricci (who arrived in Sydney last week), child-teen starlet of the 1990′s who very humble and chill as she carried around a can of Diet Coca-Cola between takes. 

Around the Block is set to premiere in Australia early 2013.

In related news the Bel Ami actress told Jimmy Kimmel that her favourite thing about the UK is the hype surrounding shows such as Big Brother. “I’m a TV addict,” she told Kimmel, “and I personally really enjoy reality TV.

“I love how you can go there and it’ll be Big Brother time, and the entire country is talking about [the show]. It’s like headline news what happened the night before!”

Credit: Hollywood Treatment / Snapper Media

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