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Zac Efron his reveals grooming disaster growing up

The Neighbors hunk revealed he was a fashion disaster in his youth.

The High School Musical heartthrob did not leave girls swooning when he decided to pretty much bathe in cologne before heading to class.

“The first time I ever discovered cologne was with my mom at the mall,” the 29-year-old, who is currently the face of new men’s scent Huge Boss Iced, tells Refinery29. “There were free samples, so I was stocking up. Basically, I put on way too many of them one day and went to school.

“I think they sent me out of class and made me take a shower because I smelled so bad. I got made fun of for a while.”

The Neighbors hunk had a number of other grooming disasters when he was growing up – his hair was once almost destroyed during a middle school dyeing experiment.

“Do you remember the music video for Thong Song by Sisqo, where he had his hair dyed silver?” Zac recalls. “Back in middle school, when bleaching your hair was cool and Sublime was all the rage, I went to my mom and I was like, ‘I want my hair to be silver, too!’

“So we bleached it, cut it short, and they put silver in it, but it ended up looking gray. I looked like a little old man. Because I didn’t have glowing back lights and dancing hot chicks around; all I had was grey hair.”

Nowadays Zac prefers to keep his grooming habits and style choices straightforward and easy.

“I’ll just use sunscreen and throw on some shades,” he says of his everyday wear. “I like to keep things really simple, like Steve McQueen. That, and getting a good haircut. After you get a good haircut, how could you not feel better? It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, here I am!'”

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