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Looking Back at James Bond Video Games

Approximately 65 years ago, Ian Fleming, a naval intelligence officer, unveiled the first publication of an 11 series novel titled Casino Royale that was set to become a number one seller not only in the UK but in the rest of the world, and a script for a movie franchise, the 007 James Bond. Aussies have been huge fans of this character over the years as well.

Early History

The publication was not only deeply rooted in Fleming’s biography, but also documented much of the author’s history working in naval intelligence under the codename “17F”, and it was from this experience that Fleming developed his legendary character “007” James Bond, M16 intelligence officer; the main character in the 11 Series novel.

Since the early 60s, more than 23 movies have been made and a dozen actors have gracefully taken up the role of the 007 secret agent, with all the gun busting action, casino escapades (more info about AU casinos which were an inspiration), and not to mention the fitting suits that were a favourite of the legendary secret agent.

From Movies to Games

Considering that the movie franchise got millions of followers across the world craving for more action, it was only a matter of time before the franchise was transformed into a different product; video games! This article looks back at some of James Bond video games produced since the early 1980s.

The first game instalment for the Bond edition was the Shaken, not Stirred title that was released in early 1980s. The game was developed by Richard Shepherd and was only available in the UK market. Even though the game wasn’t that sophisticated, considering that it was text-based and the mission set for the secret agent was to prevent a bomb exploding in the heart of UK – London. The good thing about this game was that it was consistent with the original story line from the Bond series, and this is precisely why it received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Becoming a Legend

In 1983, the Parker Brothers developed the James Bond 007 game that was specifically designed for the Atari platform, both 2600 and 5200 models, and for the SEGA platform in Japan. Unlike the previous game edition that had only one mission, the second instalment featured several levels in which the secret agent was tasked with different missions.

The first person shooter version of the Bond 007 series was developed a few years later in 1997, and this was after nine other game versions. It was titled the GoldenEye 007 and was developed for the Nintendo platform. It was this game edition that sealed Nintendo’s popularity with the gaming fans across the world. In fact, this version is still considered the best James Bond video game of all time.

What followed after this was the blockbuster Tomorrow Never Dies, in which Pierce Brosnan took on the M16 secret agent legendary role in the movie. It was a third-person shooter edition and was only available on PlayStation game console. The graphics and the captivating missions endeared the game to many players across the world.

Another 007 game version hit the stores in 2000 and was based on the movie The World is Not Enough. The game was known as TWINE, an abbreviation of the original title, and it was an instant hit with the gamers. In fact, it became as popular as the first shooter game GoldenEye 007 editions released three years earlier, perhaps because it was similar to that edition.

By Now, 007 Captivated All Fans of Action

In 2003, another Bond 007 game was poured into the market to satisfy the cravings of the secret agent’s fans across the world. Everything or Nothing was set in Egypt and Tajikistan, and had an original storyline. It was also a third shooter game and featured a multiplayer capability. Considering that it was extremely captivating, the video game was an instant hit with the fans, and some considered it the next best game after the GoldenEye 007 edition.

Other games were developed following this edition, and they include: the James Bond 007 from Russia with Love and the 007: Quantum of Solace edition. In the latter edition, the gamers were spoilt for mission choices considering that one could alternate between missions in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Additionally, the game was a first shooter perspective, which endeared it to many fans across the world.

Like it’s the case with products that have millions of followers, the older versions that were a hit with the fans underwent refurbishment and were improved to incorporate the latest advancement in technology. The legendary GoldenEye 007 video game edition underwent a remake in 2010 to include a mission set in Russia, multiplayer features, and the graphics were extensively improved.

Final Thoughts

Even though no new games are set to hit the market in the near future, we believe that we are yet to see the last edition of the 007 James Bond franchise. If more movies are set to be released in the coming years, then it is no doubt that more games will follow as well. The name “James Bond” has definitely become a legend and will continue to amaze fans for years to come. The franchise has even been studied to see what effect could have on the famous fictional secret agent the alcohol he consumes in the movies. Yes, this is not a joke.

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