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Exclusive Interview: VASSY

VASSYWe caught up with Australian multi-platinum recording artist, singer, songwriter and producer .

She has made it onto the Top 10 Billboard Dance/Mixshow Charts, with her dance-floor single ‘Nothing to Lose’.

VASSY has worked with producers David Guetta, Showtek and Tiesto.

The Australian singer spoke to us about her trip back home, upcoming collaborations, and new music.

Check out the interview below!

How has your trip back home been?

“Yeah really good. I’ve had about six flat whites because we don’t have good coffee in the states”. 

What is your favorite thing about Australia?

“It would be seeing my family and how friendly everyone is.”

What has been your favorite collaboration so far?

“Working with David Guetta and Tiesto was great. I enjoy all my collaborations for different reasons.” 

How did your collaborations come about?

“They approach me as I had written songs for myself. It was really cool I got a phone call one day saying ‘David Guetta wants to speak to me’. He had heard my song and wanted to do it together with me.”

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

“Calvin Harris. I have a little bit of a list as there are a lot of people I would like to work with.”

Favourite Australian artist?

“I love Sia. My song went number one on the Billboard Dance charts and she was right under me. She is brilliant, a phenomenal songwriter and producer. She is the real deal and I’m proud of her.”

What was the inspiration behind VASSY unplugged?

“I wanted to make an acoustic album of all my big EDM hits. I wanted to give the fans another way of listening to the record in a more intimate way without all the production and the drops. I’ve got my David Guetta record on there and Tiesto record and everything I have done with Benny Benassi. Now the fans can listen to the songs in a more chilled out way.”

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

“I have a new record coming out and a really cool collaboration with Afrojack that I’m working on. I’m really excited about putting out a new record this year. It is going to be a really fun year for me as I get to indulge and put out VASSY records this year.”

How is the recording process going?

“I was just in the studio a few days ago in New York finishing up one record that is coming out soon. It is great as when I go back I will be in LA to finish up something else.”

Any tour plans?

“I’m doing some shows and hopefully I will come out soon and do one for you guys!”

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