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Natalie Portman’s desire for privacy won her Jackie role


’s innate desire to protect her privacy won her the part in the Jackie Kennedy biopic.

The Black Swan actress stars in the upcoming film Jackie, which follows the life of the U.S. First Lady in the White House and before and after the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Speaking about the film’s cast, director Pablo Larrain shares that not only does the actress resemble Jackie, but she also has the same mysterious quality about her.

“I immediately said that I wouldn’t see anybody other than Natalie playing it,” he told Empire magazine. “If you go and look at Jackie Kennedy and read the tomes and watch the biopics, you will see that we really know very little about her. That’s a combination of two elements. One is that she would protect her privacy, and the other one is she was a very mysterious person. And that mystery is something Natalie has.”

In the film, Pablo tried to express Jackie’s enigmatic quality by using a lot of close-up and tight shots. He also focused the camera on Natalie’s eyes and facial expressions, in order to capture the “mystery in her eyes”.

“If you look at Jackie’s eyes, it’s someone who would be absolutely ungrabbable (sic) and undefinable. Natalie’s eyes are the doors to this cosmos,” he said.

With regards to the narrative, Pablo explains that the plot focuses on a short period of time between JFK’s shooting and his funeral. In particular, it conveys Jackie’s fight through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and to define her husband’s historic legacy.

“I thought it was fascinating to observe someone in that little amount of time,” he said.

Jackie, which also stars Peter Sarsgaard and Greta Gerwig, begins to hit theatres from early December

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