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MTV Beats & Eats: Steve Aoki Interview


We caught up with at MTV Beats & Eats in Wollongong.

Fresh off the back of a sellout US tour and the European summer festival season, where he played killer sets at Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, Steve Aoki, the crowd-surfing, cake throwing king of the electric dance world, made his way down-under to tear up the MTV Beats & Eats stage.

Joining Steve on the MTV Beats & Eats stage was Savage, PACES, MAALA, GG Magree, Didier Cohen, Hounded, Throttle, DJ Cutloose and Tigerlily.

MTV Beats and Eats is a music and food festival that showcases some of the trendiest boutique food outlets as well as a line-up of international and local music acts.

Check out our exclusive interview with Steve Aoki below!


How was your first ARIA awards?

“It was pretty cool, I learned a lot about Australian music. I learned about The Wiggles that day and gave a award to Flume”.

If you could collaborate with any Aussie artist who would it be?

“Flume, he is such a great producer, musician and songwriter”.

What is your favorite Aussie food?

“Hallomui is not Aussie but you have a lot of Greek food here.”

Do you think music has changed since you started producing?

“For sure it has become more mobile, you don’t need to have a huge studio anymore. I travel everywhere with a laptop. I have three laptops, one just for studio production, one that organizes all my music for DJing, and then a laptop for other work related stuff and everything else I do. So I can go to any studio anywhere in the world and work on music.”


What goes into how you choose your collaboration?

“Because I have been fortunate to be travelling so much, I use that to my advantage. So if I am in Atlanta, I’ll call my friends to work on music, that is when I ended up doing a song with Omega because we did a show together, I’m like ‘hey I got three hours to kill till my after party can we work on music’. So I go to their studio and we just pump out a beat and write a song together. You have to keep versatile and agile, and I have multiple studios in different places that way artist can come to me. I have a wish list of artist that isn’t like a spontaneous thing. The spontaneity of working with artists becomes the most common way of working with artists”.

What new music can we expect from you tonight?

“I have a remix that is dropping and it is a pretty big one. I didn’t even give time to promote it, it’s a remix I did for My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’. It is for all the emo fans in the world; they are going to love this remix. I have a new song called ‘Money’ coming out next year and a couple other new ones”.

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