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MTV Beats & Eats: GG Magree Interview


, & rocked MTV Beats & Eats this year in Stuart Park, Wollongong.

MTV Beats and Eats is a music and food festival that showcases some of the trendiest boutique food outlets as well as a line-up of international and local music acts.

After the momentous launch of MTV Beats & Eats last year, Steve Aoki headlined this year’s music and food festival.

Joining Steve on the MTV Beats & Eats stage was Savage, PACES, MAALA, , Tigerily, Hounded, Throttle, DJ Cutloose and GG Magree.


This year’s epic food line up included Burgers by Josh, Hank’s Haute Dogs, Sundweesh, Fratelli, Jimmy Liks and more.

Familiar faces seen enjoying the food included Former Miss Universe Tegan Martin, Big Brother’s Jake Rich and model-turned-DJ Didier Cohen.

Some festival goers even took the plunge over North Wollongong beach and freefall for up to 60 seconds before floating down into the festival with Skydive Australia.

We also caught up with GG Magree to discuss her new music, food, fashion, world domination and more!


What artist would you most like to collaborate with?

“My inspiration in music are Skrillex and Drizzy.”

What is your favourite Aussie food?

“Obviously sausage sizzle and a good old meat pie with some tomato sauce”

Do you think Australian music differs from overseas?

“Definitely, being in music you get to travel a lot so you get to hear music around the globe and I feel Australia is really on point with all the artist coming out of Australia, they are super unique. I think because we are so far away we create a unique style and a unique sound because we aren’t intertwined with what everyone else is playing around the world. If you go to LA it is very base heavy, if you go to Berlin it is very techno. In Australia everyone kind of develops their own unique thing which is really cool!”

How has music and festivals changed over the years?

“So much, the best thing about Stereosonic was that you would travel with people and you would become a family. You meet so many people and collaborate with people all the time. Now they don’t really do that apart from Listen Out. In saying that, the boutique festivals are killing it, they are getting great huge names.”

What are your plans for 2017?

“Taking over the world! I’m releasing another single in January. I’ve been collaborating with a bunch of other artist. I guess they will be rolling out at the during the year. They’re people that I have dreamed of working with and I also have a label called ‘Yeah Pussy’. We are launching that in a really cool way which is coming out in December. So keep your eyes and ears peeled!”

How does fashion and music intertwine for you?

“Being a artist these days, you can’t just love music, you have to loving everything around it. When I make music, I see colours and shapes and things like that. I think that goes with clothing, so when you see a piece that you like you’re like ‘oh I like that because it makes me feel a type of way or it makes me express something’”.


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