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Channing Tatum Is Going to Star in a ‘Splash’ Remake as the Mermaid

Channing Tatum Splash Movie

The way it’s going now we’ll see Channing Tatum wear a fishtail onscreen before he plays Gambit.

According to Deadline, Tatum has been cast in an upcoming remake of the 1984 hit mermaid rom-com Splash where the two leads have been gender-swapped.

So instead of having Tom Hanks meeting a beautiful mermaid played by Daryl Hannah we’ll have the hilarious and underrated Jillian Bell meeting a beautiful merman played by  .

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Yes. Channing Tatum will be playing a mer-person hopefully worthy of a trashy romantic paperback with oiled up abs and a come hither gaze and (most importantly) a fishtail slapping rhythmically against the waves of a picturesque beach.

The remake was picked up by Disney who, according to Deadline, is “moving full speed ahead” on a theatrical release for the picture. Which is great news for the criminally underserved turned-on-by-merfolk moviegoing demographic.

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