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Liam Hemsworth reveals family plans

Liam Hemsworth

has opened up about starting a family.

“I love hanging out with my nieces, it’s wonderful. They’re crazy little kids,” he said, of his recent trip to visit his brother Chris Hemsworth in Byron Bay.

“I like to come in when then kids are happy, and I’ll hang out with them, but as soon as there’s crying or poop or anything like that, I’m out!” Hemsworth laughed.

“No kids yet. I would love nothing more to announce that I have kids, but no I don’t.”

Liam did not enjoy wearing his spacesuit in Independence Day: Resurgence.

He found his spacesuit-wearing scenes in Independence Day: Resurgence the toughest to film.

The Australian actor plays fighter pilot Jake Morrison in the sequel to the 1996 sci-fi action movie. Jake, who is stationed on the Moon, helps save the Earth from another alien attack, two decades after the first invasion.

While Liam liked acting alongside returning Independence Day star Jeff Goldblum, he didn’t enjoy wearing the spacesuit costumes and found being attached to wires for their Moon walks unpleasant.

“The space suits were tough,” he told SciFiNow magazine. “It takes a long time to put them on and take them off, so bathroom breaks were pretty far in-between.

“Being on wires all day long is pretty uncomfortable in itself, but the suits were pretty uncomfortable, too. They were incredible and amazing, and they cost a lot of money, but they weren’t the most comfortable things to wear.”

He recently explained to August Man magazine he was completely sealed into the spacesuit, and the gloves and helmet had to be screwed onto the body part every time.

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