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Huntsman Stylist talks Chris Hemsworth shirtless scene


Colleen Atwood has shot down criticism surrounding Chris Hemsworth’s ‘cover-up’ in his latest film, insisting the hunk would have looked stupid half naked.

The style queen, who had the enviable task of dressing Hemsworth and his The Huntsman: Winter’s War co-stars Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron, admits she was shocked when film fans started taking issue with the lack of shirtless scenes featuring Chris.

The three-time Oscar winner insists the Australian hunk kept his clothes on for much of the movie because he’s supposed to be battling evil in a permanently frozen land.

Asked why 32-year-old Chris is so covered up in the movie Atwood says, “There are those that wish he weren’t, but in general he is. It would have been silly for him to have his shirt off running around in the northern woods and what not.”

“You have to serve the story and let people use their imaginations sometimes,” she added.

But she did enjoy working with Thor, revealing his physique is “pretty amazing”.

Tasked with the job of taking his measurements for his custom-made costumes she explains, “Everybody thinks Chris is so built up, but actually he has big shoulders but he’s really not huge.

“That being said, the proportion of shoulder to hip is unreal. He’s someone that you could pretty much hang anything on and he’d look good.”

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