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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Traumatic Teenage Rape: ‘It Changed Who I Was Completely’

Lady Gaga

Last night, participated in a TimesTalks discussion based around the new Sundance film, The Hunting Ground, a documentary about campus rape.

Gaga, who recorded the song “Till It Happens To You“ for the movie, spoke about her experience being raped at age 19. Gaga has so much courage! She initially revealed her rape on The Howard Stern Show last year, saying, ”I don’t want to be defined by it. I’ll be damned if somebody’s gonna say that every creatively intelligent thing that I ever did is all boiled down to one d—head that did that to me.” Hells yeah girl! But on last night’s panel she added even more to the conversation:

“I didn’t tell anyone for I think seven years. I didn’t know how to think about it. I didn’t know how to accept it. I didn’t know how to not blame myself or think it was my fault. It’s something that really changed my life. It changed who I was completely. It changed my body, it changed my thoughts.”

The interviewer then asked how it changed her body. ”When you go through a trauma like that, it doesn’t just have the immediate physical ramifications,” she said.  ”For many people it has almost like trauma, where you re-experience it through the years after it. It can trigger patterns in your body of physical distress. So a lot of people suffer not just emotional and mental pain, but physical pain as a result of being abused, raped or traumatized in some way.”

It’s so rad that Lady Gaga is being so open about what happened to her without shame or regret. If this happens to one in three women, then sharing experiences can only make each of us feel less alone. She’s a true Queen, and I am digging that dressed down look on her!

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