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Erin Holland, Heather Maltman & April Rose attend CATS The Musical Opening Night

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led the fashion pack last night for the opening night of CATS The Musical .

Some of the guest in attendance included: Erin Holland, , , Christian Wilkins, Samantha Harris, Teigan Nash and Lisa Hyde.

Delta Goodrem plays Grizabella, the “Glamour Cat” who has fallen on hard times and delivers the show’s hit song, Memory.

She has two cats at home, Priscilla and Venus. “I am a cat person,” Goodrem says. “Mine love music. Venus is the singer. But she’s scared of everything and is very jumpy. Priscilla is more snuggly, like a teddy bear.”

I’m a hippy at heart,” she says. “I love things to feel warm. I want to have a Zen feeling in this dressing room.”

Goodrem is a stage veteran after years of singing live but Cats is her first theatre role where she’s needed to discover her character.

“I haven’t played an animal before and you really have to find your own cat in this show,” she says. “It’s just like playing a human character – you have to find a cat personality.”

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