Australian Fashion Film Awards: A Complete Look

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The first Australian Fashion Film Awards announced the winners for outstanding achievement in the genre of fashion film!

AFFA has garnered the support of peak industry bodies like Screen Australia, and the partnership of national and global brands such as Qantas and Westfield.

Fashion blogger Nicole Warne, international fashion editor Marion Hume and CEO of Screen Australia Graeme Mason are amongst AFFA judges.

The impressive nominees for the inaugural Awards included Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Gracie Otto, Country Road, The Woolmark Company, Fendi and Chanel amongst others.

Some of the guest in attendance included: Jayde Heiser, Betty tran, Tom Derrick, , Danny Clayton, Zoe Cross, , Christopher Haggarty, , , Jordan and Zac Stenmark!

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Awards were be presented by some of Australia’s most exciting talent – actress Emma Lung, internet sensation SketSHE, The Stenmark Twins and others.

Emma Lung presented an award along side Jordan and Zac Stenmark.

The Australian Fashion Film Awards (AFFA) is a non-for-profit organisation that celebrates those who dedicate their time to creating fashion film.

They nurture and promote talent by showcasing a curated selection of top independent and commercial films.

A platform for artists to communicate their creativity, this event enhances the Australian art movement at large.

AFFA catalyses the imaginative dialogue between fashion and film as the industries become a singular movement.

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