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Kit Harington Doesn’t Think He’s Very Pretty And Is Really Tired Of Talking About His Hair

Kit Harrington

If you were waiting patiently for the latest edition of stuff  says that makes you go, “Oh Kit,” then I’m pleased to inform you that the wait is over.

While promoting his new movie Spooks: The Greater Good, the actor has been answering plenty of questions about his looks, his hair and Game of Thrones.

But if it were up to him, he’d only be answering questions about the latter. Still, the actor had plenty to say about the former too on BBC Radio 1.

Like the fact that he’s really, truly sick of people asking about his hair. “There is always someone who wants to ask me about my hair and it just drives me insane. It’s hair, it’s just hair. I’m just amazed by it, it follows me everywhere.” But here’s the thing Kit, you have really nice hair. It looks so springy and so full of life!  Fun fact: his publicist has even sent out messages to interviewers to not ask about his hair. Clearly BBC 1 didn’t get that.

Now, remember when Kit said he didn’t want people to call him a hunk? He backtracked on that, and while now he claims to not mind when someone tells him he’s handsome, he’s still not a fan. “It can distract at times … I don’t consider myself that beautiful.”

Well I probably wouldn’t call you beautiful either. Handsome, hot, hunky, occasionally sexy–those words seem more apt for Kit. I think it’s funny that he talks about this stuff all the time. It’s almost like he has to talk about it more because he hates it so much. Like that theory that if you’re scared of spiders (or Ryan Reynolds) you’ll see more of them. Launch the gallery to see just how “beautiful” you think Kit is.

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