Robert Pattinson in Sydney!

Robert Pattinson in Sydney for The Rover

has returned to Sydney, this time to promote Aussie film ‘The Rover’ which he stars alongside Guy Pearce!

While the film is set to premiere at tomorrow evening, The former ‘Twilight’ star and his Aussie co-star today attended press duties at the Sydney Theatre Company.

Movie star Robert Pattinson says there was something very appealing about filming for seven weeks in the remote Australian outback, particularly after years of the blinding spotlight of “Twilight” fame.

Pattinson sat down with The Rover writer/director David Michod and co-star Guy Pearce in Sydney to chat about the new film, which is set in a dystopian future where society has essentially collapsed.

“Yeah, I kind of knew I’d feel better,” Pattinson said, comparing the South Australian shoot to his other experiences.

“It’s always funny when there’s another audience watching you on set – it’s so much more difficult to focus.

“You’re playing yourself, the character and also the person who doesn’t want to look like an idiot when you’re getting photographed, so it’s quite frustrating. Whereas when you’re out in the outback, you’re completely free to be as crazy as you want.”

“The Rover” opens in Australian cinemas on June 12
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